Don’t just muscle through the rest of 2024.

Let’s work together to get more profit, time and sanity out of your trades business, even if the road ahead seems unclear.


Unpredictability is part of the game. But your capacity to adapt quickly is key to survival.

I’m Daniel Fitzpatrick, Business Coach & Founder of Next Level Tradie. Over the past 10 years, I’ve worked with over 500 tradies to get their business in great shape.

We’ll do it together — by unlocking what I call your NEXT Factor.

It’s not a gimmick or a cookie-cutter program…

It’s a battle-tested approach that’ll take you from “busy but stressed” to “profitable and in control”, while keeping the things that matter most to you front of mind.

From your sales, to your costs, to margins and your profit when it’s all said and done. If your numbers aren’t working for you, they’re working against you. 

We’ll problem solve your cashflow headaches and make sure the right amount of profit is back where it belongs: in your pocket.

While the world keeps on changing, the best thing you can create for yourself is stability in your jobs. Predictable work and hassle-free jobs with solid margins is what will see you through.

So it’s time to stop competing on price, wasting time on quotes that don’t turn into jobs, and taking on work that puts you in a losing position. 

We’ll get clear on how to make sure the right customers choose you over the rest, and build simple but effective marketing + sales systems that make sure you’re set when it comes to finding, pitching and winning the best jobs for you.

The missing piece that brings all of our work together. Because there’s no point in working on your business if it doesn’t get you the LIFE you want as well. 

As the owner, you take on all the risk — and it’s about time you got the rewards as well. So what really matters to you? What do you want your business to do FOR you? It’s time to get clear on it… and then make it a priority.

Your answers will guide all the work we do together, and make sure we’re on track toward the results that mean the most to you.

You can’t muscle through the next 6-12 months alone. You’ll need your team on board, and the right people and processes in place to support you.

We’ll get your team working in sync, and cut out all the extra admin headaches and busy work that keep you working those long hours (or carrying work stress around in your head 24/7).

What can we achieve together? 

Here’s what tradies are saying:

Barney & Wendy got thru a local recession in great shape (and are finally taking that 4-day workweek)

“In previous downturns, we’ve had to scale back and ride it out. But with Daniel’s help, this time was different.

While other trades here have had to lay 5-6 people off, and are really struggling, we’ve been able to keep all our staff and are still in great shape.

One of the biggest benefits is that we only work 4 days a week now, no weekends, and have holidays overseas. When we get back from holidays, it’s organised (we used to come back to chaos and stress).”

Barney & Wendy Beaven
B G Beaven Builders

Grant & Sally increased profits by a massive 186% in just 9 months – while reducing workload & worry.

“Daniel helped us put the right systems in place so the business could become less reliant on Grant, while also increasing profits without compromising on the quality of our service.

With Daniel’s continued support we were also able to increase our profit by a massive 186% in just nine months, and have over doubled our sales and staff at the same time. 

The different perspective and direction was invaluable and helped reduce inevitable tensions that can arise in a husband/wife team!!”

Grant & Sally Stewart
Stewart Contracting Canterbury (Landscaping)


What's it like to work together?
Here's what you need to know:

We’ll work together 1:1.

For 6 months, we’ll get on a call every fortnight and get down to business. You get private access to me for practical ideas to solve what you’re up against now, while we also work toward building a foundation for your long-term success.

Guided by structure and a proven approach.

You don’t have time to wing it in your business anymore. It’s time to stop reacting to the latest “problem of the week” and get a long-term plan in place to make sure your business thrives.

Our approach is built around our experience in what really works for tradies, not guesswork — and it equips you to steer the ship with confidence for years to come.

I'll tell you up front if I can't help you.

Use the buttons on the page to book a free, no-obligation chat with me to see if we're a fit. I'll be the first to tell you if I don't think we're a good match, and where you should focus instead.

When you show up and put in a genuine effort to work the plan we'll create together; here's what's possible:

Mike & Olivia got 90k more profit and stronger cashflow for the family business.

“Taking over Dad’s business, Olivia & I decided that if we’re going to run it, we’re going to run it profitable. 

This year, our margins are better, and we have added $90,000 extra profit, and also been able to give ourselves a pay rise which we couldn’t do before. Dad has now fully handed over and been happy to step back and let go.

Cashflow is also easier now, only once we’ve had to go to the bank, where normally we used to do it several times a year. Before, cashflow was tight, but now we have brought our limit down, and we’re sitting between $40,000-$70,000 below that.”

Michael & Olivia Renner
Renner Fencing

Jaco & Fiona found a better approach — and an extra 43% in profit.

“We’d talked to another business coach before Daniel, and he was promising all this big stuff, it was pressure pressure, wanting us to sign for a really long term or give us any time to think about it.

Daniel was completely different. When we talked to him initially, he said “this is what I can do”, wrote it all down, talked us through it. We didn’t have any hesitation signing on because of Daniel’s openness about what he was offering. We felt really comfortable with his approach and support.

The hours we spend are more effective now. And Fiona is doing less. 6 months ago it was 2 or 3 hours every night, 20+ per week. Now it’s cut in half.

Even though we decided to reduce some lines we still achieved an 8% increase in sales over the year. And profits have improved a healthy 43%.”

Jaco & Fiona Bester
Besters Outdoor Living
(Custom Builds)

Simon grew his sales by 320% and profit by 244% in less than a year — with less time on the tools.

“There is a certain amount of ego attached – “I know what I’m doing. I’ve done this for 40 years. It should be easy.” 

...But it isn’t. Having someone saying: This is where you need to go. This is what you need to look at and concentrate on… 

Without that guidance, you’re just not going to get there on your own.

Simon Thatcher
Simon & Co (Building)

Rene & MJ went from “business blindness” to healthy profits with 185% increase in margin.

“In Holland there is a term we use called “business blindness” — when you work a certain way and can’t work out how to change things.

Since working with Daniel we have increased our margins by over 185% because we are now doing the right kind of work, rather than jobs we can’t make money off. 

We now have healthy profits instead of painful losses. It’s a huge turnaround and we’re really happy.”

Rene & MJ Voets
Rene Voets Builders

Your trades business isn’t broken.
But it can be better.

My specialty is helping tradies who are turning over 500K to 5 million annually and keep more of that money in their pocket — without the stress of 7 day work weeks.

So if you’ve got a good business — but it comes with more stress than you want, more hours than you can handle, or too many jobs that are eroding more time and margin than you care to admit, click the buttons on this page to arrange a chat with me.

It’s 45-minutes of your time to get a clarity hit on what your business needs right now, and to check if I’m the right person to help you make it happen.

No obligation, and it’s free. Bring your questions, your challenges, your stickiest problems — and we’ll wrap our heads around it together.